Get your money back from PayPal if you get scammed

 If you get scammed get your money back from PayPal >> Have you ever been scammed by a PayPal transaction? Then, please take a look at this article to know more.

There are many different money transfer services available on the internet, and PayPal is the best of them all. With over three hundred million users worldwide, the company is popular and needs no introduction to people worldwide. Popularity comes with no price.

But when it comes to money, these scams take a new turn, and the way to get money from PayPal arises if scammed. PayPal is very easy to use anywhere and anytime and sends the desired payment to anyone. Let us know what to do when we are dealing with a scam on PayPal.

What does PayPal's refund policy say?

Money transfer giants have a variety of policies when it comes to chargebacks and refunds, and it's better to look at that. We need to go through the relevant rules which can be very convenient if a scam occurs after a PayPal transfer.

PayPal has various tools available to support refunds in case of any dissatisfaction and scam. Tell us more about the status of PayPal Refund Money if a scam occurs.

What tools are available to deal with?

Under PayPal's refund tools, there are some tools provided by PayPal that can work in case of scams. It also includes:

  • 180-day Refund Policy: If you have ordered and paid something through PayPal that looks like a scam, then you can go to cancel the payment. The option is available in the desired transaction status is pending. You can in some cases hang on the activity page as available next to the purchased item. However, if the payment is outstanding for more than thirty days, it will be automatically refunded when it comes to how to get money back from PayPal if it is scammed. PayPal allows payment of the dispute and goes for a refund request within 180 days from the moment of purchase.
  • Purchase Protection: PayPal's refund policy refers to fraud protection, security of personal information, and resolution of disputes. Importantly, the policy is supportive if a scam occurs. There will be a full refund including the shipping charge.
  • Chargebacks: These are great tools to use when a scam occurs and send payments via PayPal by credit card.

What is a chargeback?

When a chargeback is filed on how to get money back from PayPal, if there is a scam with the card issuer, it indicates that they will dispute the charge and demand a refund from the card issuer.

PayPal states that they do not handle any chargebacks and that it is the duty of the credit card issuer. PayPal also garners all transaction-related information and helps credit card companies sort out chargeback disputes.

Let's take a look at the chargeback process to learn how to file it.

Here are some general guidelines and timelines related to PayPal Refund Money on what to look for in a scam:

  • Once the order is placed, chargebacks can be filed within 120 days.
  • If you receive a chargeback, you will need at least ten days to respond.
  • Chargebacks can be resolved in a few weeks, but in most cases, it can also take about seventy-fifty days.

How do chargebacks work on PayPal?

Generally, if the buyer files a chargeback, the service will contact the buyer's credit card issuer. The money transfer giant holds no rights during the chargeback process.

Here are some steps you can take to begin the process of obtaining a refund from PayPal in the event of a scam:

  • A chargeback request can be filed from the credit card issuer to get a chargeback. A call or email with all the necessary details is enough.
  • The card company will notify PayPal's official merchant bank and withdraw all funds from the account.
  • PayPal held the chargeback for the fund on hold and that too.
  • Both buyers and sellers are notified by email which can help sort out all chargebacks.

How to get money back from PayPal in case of scams: Frequently Asked Questions!

Here, we have some questions which we have given below with their answers:

  • How to get a refund if there is a scam on PayPal?

The refund process is easy for buyers if the scam happened through PayPal, and can be initiated by filing a dispute with the help of the PayPal dashboard. Typically, decisions take about five to ten days and get a rule in favor of the buyer. PayPal will refund the charged money to the buyer after all the checks.

  • Payment can be reversed through PayPal?

Yes, payments can be reversed when a dispute is entered by a chargeback. The buyer has every right to ask the card company to reverse the payment through a PayPal account in case of a refund in case of a scam.

  • Can I scam by transacting through PayPal?

There were instances when the PayPal accounts of some buyers were hacked by scammers. However, payment will be reimbursed by PayPal once the hack or scam is confirmed.

  • Can I cancel a payment on PayPal?

It is possible to cancel recurring payments with the help of the dashboard, but it is impossible to cancel the payment. Also, you must go through the process of disputes or chargebacks.


After entering into all aspects of the scam, buyers who are unaware of refunds and disputes will need to be aware of the chargebacks on transactions on PayPal. Make your payments securely and keep them secure.

If you know how to get money back from PayPal if a scam occurs? If yes, then share your knowledge in the comments section below and let others know. We are always happy to help you.

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