Northern White Rhino Population 2021 {June 2021} Read & Know the Facts!

Northern White Rhino Population 2021 {June 2021} Read & Know the Facts! >>  To learn more about extinction species, read this news release. Here are the details you need to know.

Subspecies of white rhinoceros include the northern white rhinoceros. The Eastern and Central African regions used to be abundant with them. Beginning in January 2015, two northern rhinos have been found in zoos in the United States (Dv*r Králové Zoo) and Czech Republic (San Diego Zoo Safari Park). Both northern white rhinos died recently, so zoos do not hold northern white rhinos anymore. As a result of the passing of Sudan's last male northern white rhino on 19 March 2018, the North American Northern White Rhino Population 2021 is now down to two individuals. Najin and Fatu are both females, and they are living in Kenya in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy that is under strict protection.

Causes of Species Endangerment

Hunting and poaching are the primary causes of the extinction of this species.

  • Illegal hunting and trophy hunting led to the extinction of the Northern White Rhinos. Trophies are obtained from hunting animal parts such as horns or heads, which protect populations and promote ecosystem balance.
  • Northern White Rhino Population 2021 is also facing a drastic decline due to poaching for their horns. Due to this, Chinese and Asian medicine claim that these horns can cure illnesses like keratin deficiency, as well as conditions like fevers or cancer.

Species conservation campaign

During the past few years, conservationists and researchers have worked together to prevent the extinction of this species.

  • Rhinoceros horns were disapproved of in 2011 by the United Kingdom Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine.
  • The Northern White Rhino Population 2021 could be increased thanks to the creation of two new embryos by scientists in December 2020. A process called in vitro fertilization was used to artificially reproduce sperm from two dead males by making use of frozen sperm.
  • In Ol Pejeta Conservancy, white rhinos in the northern hemisphere are protected by a round-the-clock guarding system so that further poaching does not occur.

White rhinos in the northern hemisphere are inherently non-aggressive, which could make them easy targets for hunters. Consequently, it is high time the concerned authorities were more stringent in their anti-hunting measures. Otherwise, many other rhinoceros' species may suffer the loss of habitat and become endangered as well.

An estimate of northern white rhinos through 2021 consists of:

There are many initiatives underway in Australia and New Zealand to build genetic diversity among the rhino population. The WWF India strives to prevent hunting and ill-treatment of Indian Rhinos since it began over fifty years ago.

Both science and law are working together to save the planet's second-largest land animal (after elephants) by using artificial fertilization in laboratories and by protecting the remaining rhinoceros under strict regulations. There appears to be an expectation that the Northern White Rhino Population 2021 will continue to increase. Please click here for more information on this species' population.

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