Bts Meal Price In Delhi {June 2021} How Much Will It Cost?

Bts Meal Price In Delhi {June 2021}

Bts Meal Price In Delhi {June 2021} How Much Will It Cost? >> According to the article, new K-Pop meals have been introduced in Korea and their prices are quite affordable.

It is clear that Bangtan Boys has earned a place in each and every fan's heart. The BTS network is popular worldwide. South Korean pop music isn't only known for their wonderful band, but also for their BTS meal that is becoming more and more popular overseas.

In India, we have some very good news to share with you. As part of their food chain business, BTS is all set to become a national brand.

As a result, we are providing a piece of complete information about Bts and Bts Meal Price In Delhi on this page. So, please read the article until the end.

BTS - What does that mean?

We should understand what exactly BTS is before going on to learn more about it in detail.

The Bangtan Boys is an all-girl band from South Korea that is known as BTS or Bangtan Boys. As the band has grown internationally since its debut in 2013, it has become famous around the world.

It has been announced that the hip-hop band's special meal will be available at McDonald's, one of the fast-food giants. Bts Meal Price In Delhi is the first topic on the list, but the other information will be explored later.

What is included in the BTS Meal?

BTS's meal is a special combination of ingredients chosen by the band as their personal favorites. The band has also included popular recipes from McDonald's that they have adapted from their favorite.

In other countries, the special meal has already gained popularity, and it is set to flourish in India. North and east will receive the BTS McDonald's menu on 01 June 2021, while south and west will receive it on 04 June 2021.

The cost of a BTs meal in Delhi

10 Chicken McNuggets, Cajun dipping sauces, medium-sized fries, coke, and sweet chili will be served as part of the special BTS meal. It costs Rs 300 for a meal. Furthermore, there is an additional tax on the meal.

What are the options for ordering the meal?

Customers can order a special meal at McDonald's restaurants. Further, you can order for them through third-party apps, like Zomato and Swiggy, which charge additional fees for delivery.

As well as the meal, there are also purple bathrobes, socks, and hoodies that reflect the band's color preference. You have now had a chance to learn about Bts Meal Price In Delhi.


From the first day of delivery on 01 June 2021, all those who are BTS fans will be able to enjoy their favorite BTS meals. Currently, are you eager to taste the special meal of your favorite band?

BTS meals are known to be delicious, but what do you think about them? Was the meal enjoyable for you? Below is a comment box where you can express your opinion about Bts Meal Price In Delhi.

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