Mexico Did It Scam {May 2021} Checkout Details Now!

Mexico Did It Scam {May 2021} Checkout Details Now! >> Would you like to know the facts and beginnings of malware stories on cell phones? Read here for the full details below.

Have you ever thought you were infected with a cell phone? Yes, people all over the worldwide are worried about the news that is spreading like wildfire.

People wanted to know if Mexico Did It Scam - these stories were false or true.

Let us read further in-depth research on this and always be aware of such messages.

About virus transmission issues:

In today's world, it is common for people to listen to all sorts of nonsense. More recently, the news, which is winning worldwide attention, is about malware that will invade cell phones. Do you think it could be natural or true? Please stay here to find out more.

Why is the message being spread?

The message is in the form of an image file that conveys what Mexico has done and spreads like Mexico Did It Phone Virus.

The caption text says that covid-19 is no longer in Mexico, and there is no case against it and they are finally happy with "Mexico has done it."

In addition, the message says do not turn on this as it will open, the virus will enter your phone. This will happen in a very short time, like five seconds, and there is a virus that will affect you and your family.

Is There Something Like Mexico Has A Scam Happened Before?

The news shows that a similar incident occurred in 2020 when the message spread like wildfire.

The message was known as "Argentina does it," and further, it says your phone will be intercepted. This message was later declared false and counterfeit.

About the evidence:

It is clear that no relevant evidence has been found for the 2020 message. That too was counterfeit, and it was a false statement and a wrong message.

Similarly, by the year 2021, the message is switched to Mexico Did It Phone Virus, but there is no evidence to justify it.

Only a different world and the video file has been converted to the virus on a mobile phone. But it seems that there is some scam sending such messages on their behalf.

Well-known sources such as CNN and the BBC have also not commented on the news. So this proves that the message is fake and not true. People must remain alert and not believe in these false messages. For details, you can read.

Last take:

To conclude here with this hot news, we can say that our research has shown that these two messages, which came in 2020 and 2021, have many similarities.

There is no such report from the BBC and CNN, which is why Mexico Did It Scam is fake.

Please share your thoughts on these two messages in the comments section below. If you want to know more about this scam, please click here to find out more.

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